GTA Server


Before Purchasing make SURE your In-Game Inventory is Not FULL!


UsEr NaMe Is CaSe SeNsItIvE

Must Be 18 or Older to Purchase Any Products!

If You Charge Back you Will Be Banned!

You will have to buy an Unban to keep Playing!


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Video #1 (About our Server)


For Even More Info Check Out Our Server Web Site

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Server Rules: [MUST-READ]
1. NO CURSING.  [Kick-TempBan]
2. Help out other players that are confused, if our staff aren't online.
3. NO LOGGING OUT IN COMBAT.  [Warning-kick-TempBan-BAN].
4. Be nice to staff, And respectful to other players.
5. NO TP-KILLING.  [Kick-TempBAN].
6. NO COMBAT LOGGING. [3-warnings than TempBan].
7. NO HACKING [BAN] -100% Good proof, seen by Owner, Staff.
8. If you Grief you will be BANNED. [BAN].
9. If staff see you helping out your peers, you are rewarded.

Video PROOF is needed to Convict someone of breaking the rules!