OP Pack

249.99 USD

Package Description


  1. President Rank
  2. AutoSniper
  3. ChainSaw
  4. Jumper
  5. FlameThrower

Detailed Descriptions: 

President Rank

  • Added Features/Commands:
    • 20 Hours CoolDown
    • /Kit President
  • Armor:
    • Diamond Enchanted Helmet (Unbreaking 1, Protection 2)
    • Diamond Enchanted Chestplate (Unbreaking 1, Protection 2)
    • Diamond Enchanted Leggings (Unbreaking 1, Protection 2)
    • Diamond Enchanted Boots (Unbreaking 1, Protection 2)
  • Guns:
    • Tier 5 Pistol
    • Tier 5 Assault Rifle
    • Tier 5 Shotgun
    • Tier 5 Sniper
  • Grenades:
    • Harrier Strike
  • Ammo:
    • Assault Rifle Ammo
    • Shotgun Ammo
    • Sniper Ammo
    • Pistol Ammo
  • Food:
    • Steak
    • Golden Apple
  • Commands:
    • /Kit President
    • /Kit Governor
    • /Kit Kingpin
    • /Kit Mobboss
    • /Kit Druglord
    • /Kit Gangster
    • /Kit Thug
    • /TpaHere

  • Bonus:
    • 3 Donor Keys
    • 1,000,000 In-Game Cash


  • Description:
    • 6 Damage
    • Ammo Required
    • Kept on Death
  • Use: The AutoSniper is a precision firearm, dealing 6 damage with each shot. It requires ammunition for operation but ensures accuracy and firepower. Rest assured, it stays with you even in the face of defeat.


  • Description:
    • 15 Damage
    • No Ammo Required
    • Kept on Death
  • Use: The ChainSaw is a formidable melee weapon, unleashing a devastating 15 damage per strike. It doesn't rely on ammunition, making it a reliable choice for close combat. Plus, it remains in your possession, even in challenging situations.


  • Description:
    • Launches You Far Up
    • Ammo Required
    • Kept on Death/Don't Throw
  • Use: The Jumper is your ticket to reach incredible heights, launching you into the sky for breathtaking views and unparalleled mobility. It requires ammunition for operation but stays with you through thick and thin.


  • Description:
    • 5 Damage
    • No Ammo Required
    • Sets Targets on Fire
    • Kept on Death/Don't Throw
  • Use: The FlameThrower is a fiery weapon that deals 5 damage per hit. It doesn't need ammunition and has the added benefit of setting targets on fire. Like other items in this pack, it remains with you through various challenges.

OP Pack

  • Description: The "OP Pack" is the epitome of power and prestige on our Minecraft server. With a 20-hour cooldown, you can unlock the /Kit President command, granting access to top-tier armor, guns, and an array of commands. Equip yourself with Diamond Enchanted Armor, boasting Unbreaking 1 and Protection 2. Your arsenal includes the Tier 5 Pistol, Assault Rifle, Shotgun, and Sniper, ensuring you're a force to be reckoned with. The devastating Harrier Strike is at your disposal. Don't forget essential ammunition and sustenance. With a selection of powerful commands and a generous bonus of 3 Donor Keys and 1,000,000 In-Game Cash, the OP Pack propels you to the pinnacle of Minecraft prowess!